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    Great wall logo Great wall at Badaling Great wall at badaling
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      《Great wall at Badaling》
      Impression of Great Wall

           He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man.

    The majestic Great Wall touches the billows of the Bohai Sea in the east, and traverses the vast expanse of the Gobi desert in the west. It crosses prairies and deserts, nestles up to the Yellow River, surmounts high mountains, stretches 10,000 li and, like a soaring dragon, leaps over the boundless land of China. It was built with the blood and sweat of the laboring people of ancient China. It is a symbol of the brilliance of China’s ancient culture and a pride of the Chinese nation. 

    The Great Wall of China possesses thousands of famous passes. Badaling, located in the outer town of Juyong Pass, is eulogized as one of the top nine passes in the world.    >> More ..


    Dragon Dance at Great Wall
    Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchanges
    Sino-French Culture Festival
    Olympic Torch Relay
    Issue the mascot for Paralympic Games
    Great Wall Red Leaves Festival
    Summer Resort Festival
    Great Wall Apricot Festival
      Reception of foreign heads of states

    “Badaling Great Wall is an everlasting monument in the diplomatic history of New China,” said Qian Qichen, former vice-premier and foreign minister, in praise of the role of Badaling Great Wall in the country’s diplomatic history.    In 1954, Premier Zhou Enlai showed Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, round Badaling Great Wall. It was the first time for the country to receive a foreign state leader at the Great Wall. Since then, Badaling Great Wall has turned into an important place for the Chinese Government to entertain foreign guests making state visits. The age-old great wall, lit up with the bloom of youth, shoulders a new historical mission to give voice to the world in its unique modes that the Chinese people love peace and cherish friendship.    >>More ..

    Catering service
    Passages and elevators for the disabled


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